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Drama   Language: English  Status: In Production

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Carl and Yaya, a couple of models, navigate through the excitement of Milan’s fashion week before jetting off to an exclusive yacht cruise in the Caribbean. The ship is impeccably maintained and well-to-do passengers are piloted by an idiosyncratic and Marxist sea captain. Bad weather results in seasickness, then the situation worsens with an epidemic of food poisoning, and ultimately crescendos when pirates attack the ship. Paradise turns into a nightmarish metaphor for the end of the Western civilization. A handful of surviving passengers are washed ashore on a desert island. Now the tables are turned: a middle-aged Filipino cleaning lady, the only one who can provide the means to survive, establishes herself as the leader of the group. Carl, Yaya, and the other survivors find themselves in a matriarchy in which male sexuality is a currency.



Stars - Woody Harrelson, Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean 

Director - Ruben Östlund

Screenplay - Ruben Östlund

Cinematographer - Fredrik Wenzel    

Producers - Philippe Bober, Julio Chavezmontes, Dan Friedkin, Ryan Friedkin, Mike Goodridge, Micah Green, Per Damgaard Hansen, Erik Hemmendorff, Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Marina Perales Marhuenda, Andreas Roald, Daniel Steinman, Bradley Thomas, Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal Zade


Ruben Östlund was born in 1974 in Styrsö, a small island off the West Coast of Sweden. He studied graphic design before enrolling at the University of Gothenburg, where he met producer Erik Hemmendorff, with whom he later founded Plattform Produktion. An avid skier, Östlund directed three ski films that demonstrated his taste for long takes - a technique that remains an important trademark of his work. Östlund has become known for his accurate portrayal of human social behavior, as well as his use of Photoshop and other forms of image-processing software in his films.

His feature debut, 'Gitarrmongot', produced by Hemmendorff, won the FIPRESCI Award at Moscow in 2005, and was the first feature film in Sweden shot on video. Involuntary premiered at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard in 2008 and was then distributed in more than 20 countries and shown at numerous festivals, garnering Östlund international recognition. Two years later, he won the Golden Bear in Berlin for 'Incident by a Bank', a short film in which every camera movement was computer-generated in post-production. The premiere of his third feature 'Play' (2011) took place at Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight, where he was awarded the Coup de Coeur award. Following Cannes, 'Play' was shown in Venice, Toronto, and New York, as well as numerous other festivals where it was awarded additional prices and distinctions, including being nominated for the prestigious European Parliament LUX prize and winning the Nordic Prize, the highest distinction in Scandinavia.

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